Tuesday, July 19

LUSH solid shampoos

the product
LUSH's shampoo bars are hockey-puck shaped. they're quite dense, and not crumbly. they also lather up beautifully!
the best thing about solid shampoos is how long they last. while you can use a bottle in about a month (two, tops), one puck can last double that time. it's also less packaging: all you need is a tin to keep it dry between washes.
the only drawback is that you cannot have it near water while not using it. otherwise, it'll become a sticky, fizzy mess!
how to use?
after getting your hair wet, in the shower, you rub it on your hands (like you would a soap bar). then, you rub the puck on your hair. three-four strokes (top, bottom, and sides) are more than enough. lather, then rinse.
it's that easy!

and now, here are my experiences with four solid shampoos ...

Friday, July 15

Cath Kidston-inspired Nail Art

hello all, and welcome to the blog! here's some nail art for my first post!

I love Cath Kidston prints! but the design on my nails, I came up with at random with the crèmes I had at hand.
it was all done free-hand, and it's the first time I've tried this. not bad for a first try, eh?

★ materials used 
base coat: Essence, Nail Sealer
base colour: Essence Colour & Go, No More Drama
stripes: Essence Colour & Go, Dress for a Moment
roses: done with a dotting tool
Barry M Nail Paint, Strawberry Ice Cream (background)
Sephora Lacquer, Valentine (accent)
Sephora Lacquer, Military Jacket (leaves and stems)
top coat: Essence, Quick Dry Top Coat