Tuesday, July 19

LUSH solid shampoos

the product
LUSH's shampoo bars are hockey-puck shaped. they're quite dense, and not crumbly. they also lather up beautifully!
the best thing about solid shampoos is how long they last. while you can use a bottle in about a month (two, tops), one puck can last double that time. it's also less packaging: all you need is a tin to keep it dry between washes.
the only drawback is that you cannot have it near water while not using it. otherwise, it'll become a sticky, fizzy mess!
how to use?
after getting your hair wet, in the shower, you rub it on your hands (like you would a soap bar). then, you rub the puck on your hair. three-four strokes (top, bottom, and sides) are more than enough. lather, then rinse.
it's that easy!

and now, here are my experiences with four solid shampoos ...

the claim
Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. In times of stress and hormonal change, like pregnancy and after giving birth, your hair can start to fall out. Fortunately, this is usually temporary, but it's a distressing thing to happen. The New Shampoo Bar is for those times. We make it with bay, clove and cinnamon essential oils to stimulate the scalp. Nourishing nettle, peppermint and rosemary add shine and soften the hair.
the experience
I was interested in this bar, at first, because I shed a lot because of my SLE. though I wasn't holding out many hopes for this bar, it actually works. mind you: I still have a lot of shedding, but it has considerably decreased since using this bar.
another problem I have is oft-greasy, wash-every-day-or-it'll-look-grungy, hair. when using this bar, though, I only need to wash every other day.
the scent is delicious, too! it's cinammon-y, more on the spicy side than on the sweet side - think more cinnamon stick, less cinnamon bun.

Ultimate Shine
the claim
For glossy hair, a few golden sparkles and the ultimate shine. With Ultimate Shine, essential oils make your hair shimmer, not the golden sparkles. We have fragrant ylang ylang oil to keep hair shiny and sensual; violet leaf to decongest your scalp and elemi oil to tone and calm your nerves, so you can shine socially, too
the experience
as with New, this greatly improves the greasiness of my hair. my hair feels very clean after using it - and after blow-drying, it looks shiny and healthy. it does have some golden sparkles in it too and the glitter lover in me adores it!
this is the only bar I rub less on my hair, though: when I do; if I overdo it, it ends up making my hair looking and feeling like straw.

the claim
Sexy, jasmine-scented, two-in-one Shampoo (and conditioner) Bar. Godiva is named after the woman who famously rode through the streets of Coventry with only her long flowing locks to cover her modesty. She was protesting against the taxes which her husband was planning to introduce. Godiva has the same sensual, jasmine scent as Flying Fox and it makes your hair soft. No need to protest if you want to get your husband to change his mind; just wash your hair with this.
the experience
goodness gracious, the smell is sexy! if you've tried LUSH products before, it's almost identical to the Flying Fox shower gel scent.
this is the one I use least, but it works wonders on my curly hair. the oils in it leave my hair feeling soft and my curls bouncy, with no need to use conditioner afterwards.

I would purchase all of these bars again, as soon as I run out of them. though I daresay it'll take me a long while: New and Ultimate Shine were purchased around late May last year and I'm just halfway through the later!

my product rating, for the three shampoo bars, is 5 stars.

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